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Vendor Links

Bogey Bill's has a great working relationship with these vendors and many more call us for all your Golf Car needs






Trojan Battery Company


Odyssey Battery 


Pro-Fill On-Board Battery Watering System


Tampa g Manufacturing from Enclosures to Accessories


Curtis Vehicle Enclosures 


Champion Golf Cart Covers


Ultimate Golf Cart Seating


Debbie Bates CIC, LUTCF, CLTC Allstate Insurance Company

Any company (large or small) investing time and money into trademarking their logo will be protective of how their logos are used. When you’re writing about a brand, you will be using their name and other trademarks like their logo under the “Fair Use” doctrine.
Specifically, Pruitt says fair use of a logo or other trademark (not to be confused with copyright) may be asserted on two grounds:
1) You are using the mark to describe accurately an aspect of your own product, or
2)You are using the mark to identify the actual mark owner.
It’s the second one that really applies here. “If you are using say, the logo for ‘Campbell’s ® Chunky ™ Soup’ you’d probably be using it to refer to their actual soup. So what you are doing is covered under Fair Use of a Trademark,” according to Pruitt. We are using these logos under the "Fair Use" doctrine.

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